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Accelerating Climate and Social Action through Digital Education.

Digital Climate change and Utility industry
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What we do and What we are about

Our purpose is to accelerate Climate and Social action through digital education – Skewb Climate is a unique service provider who creates bespoke digital education and gaming products, supporting the utility market to be a force for good, providing a new vehicle to engage and stimulate interest in young people in subjects which would otherwise seem hard to reach. This builds on a increasing evidence in the role that digital products play in education, for both children and adults, overcoming some of the barriers traditional methods.

Our approach supports water and energy utility companies to engage as a force for good in the communities in which they operate through our bespoke digital education tools

This aligns to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals for utility companies providing the ability to scale the engagement of children and young people at low cost.

Emerging evidence also clearly demonstrates that the delivery of environmental education to children filters down to adults they interact with at home. This transfer of knowledge from child to adult has been shown to influence adult behaviours positively. We strongly believe that this initiative is encouraging mitigative actions across the community.

Easily scalable

Experience based learning

Gaining knowledge on climate and utility industry

Access to industry experts

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Some of our work

Learn by going on educational adventures!

Module: Carbon Monoxide

  • Learn about Carbon Monoxide in a safe virtual environment in “Minecraft”!

  • Students find out how CO is produced, why it is dangerous and identify signs of a CO leak.

  • They explore a virtual laboratory, a campsite in a forest and solve different CO incidents together!

Module: Climate change

  • Learn about Climate Change by going on an expedition to Antarctica!

  • Students use a custom “ice analyser”, go back in time to learn about the use of coal, fossil fuel, nuclear energy and see real-time effects of their actions on the Climate data scoreboard.

  • Then students create green alternatives for generating energy!

Educational benefits for students– based on research

Easily scalable

Experience based learning

Easily scalable

Access to industry experts

Teachers can use these lessons easily!

Content for lessons

A pack of lessons that have various exercises inside and is ready to use

Free training for teachers

Trainings for teachers on the tools of "Minecraft" educational platform!


Educational consultations and a personal mentor

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